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The small enterprise BORIKA founded in 1999 is the largest Ukrainian producer of accessories and accessories for almost any kinds of watercrafts, including boats, boats, kayaks and yachts today. Our products unite in themselves high quality and reasonable prices. Thanks to active introduction of innovations production under the BORIKA trademark gained fame and recognition not only in Ukraine, but also is far beyond its limits.

Now we actively expand the presence in the world market, regularly bringing to it new lines of goods and proposing the customers actual novelties and effective solutions.

Our products are so simple at installation and operation that even the beginner with little effort will be able quickly to complete the boat, the boat or a kayak with accessories which will make its rest more comfortable.

Thanks to production of BORIKA meeting the highest standards of comfort and safety, users will be able to create a unique configuration of the vessel. At the same time an opportunity to re-equip the boat or a kayak, to modernize the boat or the yacht according to new needs of the owner always remains.

Together with our products the buyer receives high-quality guarantee and post warranty maintenance.

With production of BORIKA the vessel of the customer will become multipurpose, comfortable and stylish, giving it ample opportunities for development of new types of active recreation on water.



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